MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 43 (S06E43) – Elimination: Mexi-GO!

Having lost the team challenge, Laura, Brent, Amy, Renae and Soul Patch are fighting to stay alive tonight. But not without Tracy’s Power Apron intervening. She has the power to save one of them from elimination and it’s fellow Adelaide girl and baby of the competition, Laura that gets the lifeline. 43MC2_0 The first round will see the remaining contestants cook a savoury Mexican dish in 45 minutes. They pair up to cook the dish and the bottom pair will go into Round 2. Continue reading


MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 38 (S06E38), Power Apron: Time To Get Freekeh!

It’s all about the “Power” today. The winners of the team challenge as well as Tracy will vie for a gold apron, dubbed The Power Apron. The wearer will make decisions and influence next week’s challenges. The challenge will see the six contestants go through entree, main and dessert rounds to cull the field.


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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 2 (S06E02) – Final Chance

In day two of the competition, the remaining 18 hopefuls vie for one of the coveted 10 remaining aprons.

We start with an Invention Test but the twist is there will be three core skills rather than core ingredients they need to conquer. Nick, the Fabulous Baker Boy expresses his serious fear of fish filleting since he thought he could be that guy that coasts by making one thing on MasterChef. The second skill will be butchering, which strikes fear into the heart of staunch vegetarian, Renae. The final skill is pastry.


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Things That Happen On Every Season Of MasterChef Australia

MasterChef Australia is nearly here again and it’s hard to fathom that it’s in its sixth year. For some reason, it feels like longer to me. Perhaps because it’s been such a cultural phenomenon. If you simply look at how it’s affected us over the last half-dozen years, practically everyone’s a foodie now. The food and drink scene has exploded. Food bloggers are a dime a dozen; as are celebrity chefs. It seems every chef with a somewhat successful restaurant is now instantly a celebrity chef. It’s helped us civilians understand the restaurant industry a little better and thrown cheffy lingo at us like mise en place, quenelle, running the pass, sous vide and “Yes, Chef!” Cooking is cool and dinner parties are where it’s at. Home cooks no longer run with just spag bol. They challenge themselves to plate up something better, more sophisticated, like a slow-cooked beef cheek ragu alla bolognese served on hand-made, free-range egg tagliatelle instead.

As much as I love MasterChef, I also love to be incredibly sarcastic and cynical about its tried and tested tropes and cliches. It’s a show that works on formula, like any good reality show (also see The Amazing Race). It’s about the characters and drama as much as it’s about the food. There will always be elements that irritate and endear me with equal measure but that’s why I love it so. I know what to expect and can be thrown a curve ball every now and again. Here are some of the things that we can expect to happen in Season 6 of MasterChef because they happen on every damn season.

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MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 33 Recap – Immunity: Oliver Wildest Dreams Come True

Well, this is it. The biggest episode of MasterChef so far. It’s the episode which has been talked about since the season began. It is the epic Jamie Oliver Immunity challenge.

Tregan, Jules and Hipster Alice won the Invention Test last night by cooking a Moroccan-inspired seafood dish for Rick Stein. There are three Immunity Pins to win tonight, so each of them has a shot.

Preston does the introduction with the usual long-winded build up. He drops hint after hint and with each one, the crowd gasps louder and grows more flustered until the name Jamie Oliver is called and they scream like the good little chef groupies they are. Tonight, Jamie gets the biggest rockstar welcome of them all, both men and women swoon. It can’t be that much of a surprise visit, though, as Kylie brandishes a stolen Jamie’s Italian napkin with guilty pride.

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MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 32 Recap – Pressure Test Elimination: Greek Salad 2.0

It’s the day of the dreaded Pressure Test and Andrew is completely spent. His fifth time round and his confidence is wavering. He’s facing stiff competition in an energised and unified Audra and Dalvinder. The Ya-Ya Sisterhood have a dramedy deal in the works with Ten if this MasterChef thing doesn’t work out for them.

Tonight’s Pressure Test is George’s Mum’s run-of-the-mill Greek Salad. Looks dead simple. But wait, there’s more. The real kicker is that they’re actually cooking the 2012 version, a deconstructed gourmet masterpiece, with cucumber ice cream to be quenelled in front of the judges. This beast includes capsicum terrine, a tiny tomato & haloumi toastie, black olive sponge, tomato jelly, green olive gel, fresh cucumber, cucumber spaghetti, dehydrated tomato powder, dehydrated olive, pickled tomatoes and a feta cream. It’s so complex that it involves ten recipes. Continue reading

MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 31 Recap – Mystery Box and Invention Test: International Seafood Odyssey

It’s the dawn of a new week. We open with Nurse Amina tending to Deb’s finger she crushed in a door of the MasterChef house. Amina recommends Deb visit the hospital to get it properly looked at, leaving her benched for tonight.

The rest of the contestants head to the kitchen for the Mystery Box. George hints that it’s a single ingredient which has been eaten for around 10,000 years. It’s incredibly versatile and everyone loves it. No, it’s not Tom Hanks. In the case of this Mystery Box reveal, it’s a single egg. If they drop it, they’re not getting another one. This week, instead of three best dishes, it’s six; one from each row.

The sixty minutes starts and so do the tired egg puns. A variety of dishes from savoury to dessert are being created. The judges criticise the prevalence of Caesar Salads being made by Bandy and Cupcake Barbie, displaying a lack of creativity and not really highlight the “hero” egg. Early favourites are Kylie with two types of meringue, Mindy’s twice cooked Asian egg and Jules’s baked egg. Continue reading