MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 41 (S06E41) – Immunity

In tonight’s episode, Tracy’s Power Apron means that she goes straight into Immunity. This is huge enough but it gets even bigger. She can pick the other two contestants to join her. It’s the three South Australians, Tracy, Laura and Soul Patch going at it.

The core ingredient for the first round is beer and they need to make a bar snack incorporating it. Laura does what any other 19 year old in the situation would do, she gets hold of as much alcohol as she can. Her dish is chicken skewers and polenta chips.

Tracy’s beer candied bacon and popcorn chicken sliders sound amazing. SP’s also making sliders and capsicum coated in squid ink. Problem is that he’s braising eye fillet and that’s the wrong cut for braising. He only comes to this realisation with 10 minutes left. He ends up frying battered eye fillet instead.

Tracy’s sliders look a mess but eat like a dream. They all empty their plates. SP’s sliders look really bare and his squid ink capsicum looks like a black, charry disaster. He’s not going to move forward. Laura’s chicken skewers are great but it’s Tracy’s fantastic sliders that win.


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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 31 (S06E31) – Immunity: (Donovan) Cook Off

Laura, Ben and Tracy are in the Immunity Challenge today. They will need to complete an onion chopping challenge to decide which one will face the pro.


Marco asks them how they chop their onions and smartarse, Laura responds, “With a knife?” He proceeds to give a masterclass in knife skills, not even looking at the onion as he slices and dices it in the finest way possible.

31MC4_0They must finely dice it to Marco’s exacting standards. Tracy cuts her finger and tries desperately to keep pace. Ben speeds through his onion but it’s not fine enough. “Again!” Marco exclaims. This continues three more times. By then, it’s Laura who wins the challenge by taking her time to do it properly.

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