MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 40 (S06E40) – Elimination: Towering Challenge

It’s a big Pressure Test today as Kira, Soul Patch and Jamie must make a croquembouche without a full recipe. Matt tears the recipe into three and Tracy can choose who gets what bit. Jamie’s been practicing choux pastry in the house and to shake things up, Tracy give him the choux recipe and Kira the creme patissier. Kira’s eyes tear up as she knows she’s in major trouble.



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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 35 (S06E35) – Elimination: Tikka Knock Out

Amy, Laura, Georgia and Renae step into the MasterChef kitchen for a Pressure Test set by MasterChef India host and Michelin-starred chef, Vikas Khanna.

Besties, Laura and Georgia, make a point that neither of them are going home today because it would be devastating. Well, there’s no better day to embrace The Secret, I guess.

Renae says that Indian food is her jam. Amy is also a fan of Indian, having spent some time there to find herself. The Junior MasterChefs are the ones at a disadvantage.

The dish they’re cooking is an elaborate rose tea-smoked chicken tikka masala. When Renae sees it, she’s jumping out of her skin. They only get 75 minutes to replicate the dish.



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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 30 (S06E30) – Elimination: What Sauce-ery Is This?

Tash, Amy and Byron head into the Pressure Test today and will need to recreate a Marco Pierre White dish. Byron doesn’t want to let down his idol, Marco. His idol, really? It’s the very first time we’ve heard of this. You spend a couple of minutes one-on-one in the last episode and all of a sudden he’s your idol.

Marco brings out the overly theatrical hand gestures and Yoda-like words of wisdom for a second night as he reveals the dish. It’s from his seminal and pun-tastic cookbook, White Heat – roasted pigeon with ravioli of wild mushrooms.



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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 28 (S06E28) – Elimination: Don’t Chicken Out

The losing Blue team from the challenge start the elimination with a “name that dish” round. They will write their answers  on cards, with the three that get it wrong first going into Round 2.


The first cloche comes off and it’s a Spaghetti Carbonara, which everyone gets. Horrendously misspelt tarte tatin is next.



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