MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 43 (S06E43) – Elimination: Mexi-GO!

Having lost the team challenge, Laura, Brent, Amy, Renae and Soul Patch are fighting to stay alive tonight. But not without Tracy’s Power Apron intervening. She has the power to save one of them from elimination and it’s fellow Adelaide girl and baby of the competition, Laura that gets the lifeline. 43MC2_0 The first round will see the remaining contestants cook a savoury Mexican dish in 45 minutes. They pair up to cook the dish and the bottom pair will go into Round 2. Brent and Amy decide to cook a “rustic” share plate with guacamole, tostadas, snapper and salsa. They’re off to a good start until Amy screws up the snapper filleting. But it’s okay, apparently, because they’re not serving them whole fillets anyway. Bit of a cop out really but with 45 minutes, they obviously aren’t too fussed with how it looks. 43MC4_0 Soul Patch and Renae are making beans, prawns, smoked avocado, but they won’t make own tostadas due to time. They run into trouble when their lime mayonnaise splits but SP brings it back. They decide to make layered tostadas after the judges visit them. My favourite moment happens when George asks the age old question, “What’s rustic?” You know that to me it means lazy. They say that they’re not after something they need to build themselves. Presentation is key here. While Renae has been cooking several different elements, Soul Patch is still on the mayo! She sees that the other team are cooking their own tostadas and decides to do the same. She’s a mum so she can multi-task. Meanwhile SP is struggling with squeezing lime into the mayo while whisking it. 43MC8_0

Time runs down and SP has broken his tostada press. They resort to using store bought tostadas. Their saucer-sized tostadas are super sweet and plating looks like a massacre.

Brent decides to cut his tostada into a weird flame shape and they plate up. Amy uses her go-to phrase of the sauce tying everything together. Because we haven’t been hit over the head with it enough.

SP and Renae’s Prawn and Bean Tostada is greeted with some confusion by the judges as they don’t know how to actually eat it. Gary even says, “yuck!” when he eats the horrible packet tostada. The prawns are cooked well but it’s not really enough to save them.


Amy and Brent are tasted. Gary pulls them up on their wanky presentation (which George loves, of course) but it’s packed with flavour, texture and freshness. They’re safe.01BRENTAMYMC6RX43Day14In the second round, SP and Renae have to make a Mexican sweet dish. They get 60 minutes and free reign of the pantry. Renae’s making a chocolate chilli lava fondant and SP makes a lime sorbet with chocolate chilli ganache.

Renae’s first fondant comes out of the mould but it breaks and chocolate oozes out. At least we know they’re good inside. SP’s dish looks disparate as he’s plating. Renae’s next fondant comes out cleanly.


Soul Patch is up first for tasting. It’s a lime granita, chilli chocolate ganache, lime tuille and coriander syrup. Gary immediately remarks that there’s an odd combination of elements there on his plate. The individual elements are pretty good but the dish is uncohesive.

Renae’s fondant is up next and she explains quite confidently how all her flavours and elements tie together. It’s gooey in the middle and it’s a proper dessert but Gary says the cake is very floury.

In the end it’s SP who’s eliminated and it’s incredibly emotional. It turns out that he’s a well liked chap, his facial hair not-withstanding. He will build a restaurant on his winery.


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