MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 42 (S06E42) – Team Challenge: Farm Fresh

The Team Challenge today has the contestants travelling to the beautiful Great Ocean Road. They will be cooking a banquet for food producers in the region.

As Power Apron goddess, Tracy gets to pick her team first. It’s an all-star team with Emelia, Sarah, Jamie and Ben are her teammates. Ben makes the observation that the best team usually doesn’t win these things and if that happens to them today, he’s in trouble.

Laura’s the other team captain; Amy, Soul Patch, Brent and Renae are her crack squad.


They will need to buy their produce with time and have a 300 minute budget to spend, needing to keep some for cooking. They proceed with buying proteins and vegetables, then jump into their bright red Alfa Romeo Giuliettas to drive to their cook site. Tracy’s team have two hours to cook, while Laura’s has one hour and forty minutes.



The wind is wreaking havoc on the outdoor stovetops on Tracy’s Red team. Meanwhile, Ben and Jamie shuck oysters, or whatever’s left of them if they don’t eat them all.


Blue are making leek and silverbeet tarts and Laura wants a rustic theme throughout. I guess that makes plating a whole lot easier. Presentation was never her strongpoint anyway. Amy’s making duck fat crispy roast potatoes and her face lights up as she tells us. I don’t blame her. There’s also snapper and lamb (not surprisingly cooked by Brent who I will now call the Lamb King) on the menu.

Pin boning has again proven to be a massive pressure point. Laura considers baking it and taking the bones out after it’s cooked. After several attempts, she cuts around it instead. The next problem is that her fish is too big for the pan and Renae cites First World Problems. Dammit, Renae, that’s what I was going to say.

Here we go, someone’s smoking something again. Brent wants to hay smoke the lamb.


It’s time to serve and the Red team presents a sumptuous feast. The pork is a real winner. The crackling is perfect and the pork wonderfully cooked. The other dishes are all fantastic as well. The producers have nothing but praise for them.


Blue’s purple potato salad looks seriously impressive. The duck and snapper are both beautifully cooked. The guests give some great feedback but the duck might be slightly overcooked. In such a close race, it looks like Red may have it.


The judges tell Blue their snapper was perfectly cooked but the overcooked lamb, duck and missing sauce were negatives. Red didn’t have anything but positives – everything was perfectly cooked and they loved the bread Emelia cooked as a nice touch. Red wins the day.



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