MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 40 (S06E40) – Elimination: Towering Challenge

It’s a big Pressure Test today as Kira, Soul Patch and Jamie must make a croquembouche without a full recipe. Matt tears the recipe into three and Tracy can choose who gets what bit. Jamie’s been practicing choux pastry in the house and to shake things up, Tracy give him the choux recipe and Kira the creme patissier. Kira’s eyes tear up as she knows she’s in major trouble.



They get three and a half hours. Jamie’s the most composed and likely to be safe. The one to be worried about is of course, Kira. She’s experimenting with different quantities in her choux but hasn’t written them down so can’t replicate it. Her rolls come out of the oven and actually look really good but are really biscuity.


Jamie’s hit a pressure point with his creme patissier. It’s not thickening. Soul Patch’s is perfect. Kira’s is also good because she had that part of the recipe. The penny finally drops with Jamie after he has a quick chat with Gary.


They get onto the caramel and the construction and Jamie is behind the others, after spending so much time on his filling.

Kira’s taking the mould off her and there’s a massive crack heard. But it’s all good and looks great. Soul Patch’s looks even more impressive. Jamie’s makes it a trifecta.


The spun sugar element is the final pressure point. SP’s toffee isn’t coming together and with two minutes left, he’s brought it together.

The judges are seriously chuffed with how all three look. It’s a testament to the calibre of these contestants.


SP is first up. The only letdown is the lack of spun sugar. The custard is delicious and generously filled in the perfectly cooked profiterole.

Jamie’s spun sugar also has melted a bit with all the humidity on the rainy Melbourne day. Gary’s first profiterole is empty and it doesn’t bode well for our mustachioed cook. It turns out the judges love it and Preston goes on to say it’s the best one he’s eaten on any season. But the empty buns are a problem.

Kira’s filling is the best of the bunch but her crunchy rolls are a problem. They debate over it for a while because it’s not a straightforward decision.


In the end, it’s Kira that is eliminated off the back of those biscuity rolls. She’s developing her health business which will include cooking classes and a children’s cookbook.


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