MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 38 (S06E38), Power Apron: Time To Get Freekeh!

It’s all about the “Power” today. The winners of the team challenge as well as Tracy will vie for a gold apron, dubbed The Power Apron. The wearer will make decisions and influence next week’s challenges. The challenge will see the six contestants go through entree, main and dessert rounds to cull the field.


There’s 30 minutes on the clock to get their entrees plated.

Renae is in a weird headspace, grabbing anything and everything she can and will decide what she’s cooking at her bench.

Emelia slices the tip of her finger on a madolin and it’s pretty horrific. There’s literally a flap of skin hanging there. After a brief patch up, she’s back in action. As she soldiers on, her glove is pooling with blood.


The judges clean Jamie’s plate. His beetroot salad is hailed as spectacular. He’s the first to make it into the next round. Emelia’s delicious zucchini salad and Tracy’s comforting winter soup mean they join him for mains.


Jamie’s using beetroot again for his main with lamb and accidentally started a theme to continue through to the dessert. The hipster that he is, has him also using freekeh to make a succotash

Emelia’s cooking a Japanese style beef fillet with almond puree and wild mushrooms. The almonds will be poached in milk and seaweed.

Tracy’s got a duck and Earl Grey tea on her benchtop. You know what that means, it’s tea smoking time. Perhaps a little too much smoke? It looks like a small house fire. When the judges taste though, it’s perfectly smoked. They keep coming back for more.

Jamie’s undercooked freekah means he’s likely out.

Emelia’s Japanese dish is excellent but her nori infused almond puree has the judges deliberating in private. But it’s Jamie that gets through!


Jamie’s trying to figure out what will go with his beetroot. He wings it with a chocolate crumb and some other elements like a soft chocolate. His headspace is all over the place and his mind is going blank.

Tracy’s making a cookies and cream and looking in control.

With only a few minutes to go, Jamie’s beetroot dish is canned and works on a berry, cream and chocolate dish.

After plating is done, Jamie walks out to recompose himself and gets a pep talk from George in the process.

They taste Jamie’s dish first but leave the comments until the end. Tracy’s dish contains sugar in every element. Is it just way too sweet? No, Matt goes on to say that it was perfectly balanced and controlled so she wins the Power Apron.


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