MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 37 (S06E37) – Team Challenge: There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

So the big news is that they are all safe this week. No eliminations. Way to keep stretching out the show, 10. Tracy gets to sit out the challenge because she won something. I can’t remember what.

The winning team from today’s challenge will join Tracy in the Immunity fight. It’s a charity lunch for Starlight Children’s Foundation. As usual, the team that raises the most money, wins.

When Curtis Stone walks through the doors, Laura’s jaw drops. She’s got a major crush on the man.


What’s a challenge without a core ingredient? This time, it’s citrus for the degustation menu. There will be rotating courses and both teams will need to work together for a cohesive flow of courses.


Sarah’s captain on Red and Jamie is leading Blue. Tiresome Ben’s not a happy camper on the Red team, thinking that Sarah’s spreading herself too thin, getting too hands on with the cooking and not enough delegating and leading. Her sorbet isn’t setting and he’s cracking the shits. I don’t even know what Ben’s in charge of but it looks like he’s in charge of being a drag and complaining about others.


Panna Cotta Queen is making a chocolate parfait for Blue. She’s again at odds with the ratio of setting agent to use, like last week’s Earl Grey jelly.

Amy, who I’m dubbing the Soup Queen, is making a pumpkin and orange soup for Blue. She “takes it to the next level” by adding a smoked yoghurt element.

It’s down to the wire as the first course is due for plating. Curtis finds pin bones in Red’s salmon and makes Ben remove any remaining pin bones before they can serve it. The problems continue when the sorbet hasn’t worked out. Sarah has to abandon it. The judges are disappointed by that, since it was on the menu. It tastes great but there’s not enough citrus flavour though.


Blue’s first course is comes out to the judges. They’re not impressed by it’s lacklustre appearance. It tastes good but it’s still a bit ho-hum for them.


Red are working on their second course. Cleaning her station down, Kira moves the duck that’s sitting there to be used onto the top of a fridge, not telling anyone and out of sight of the others. It’s a bizarre oversight on her part. Curtis rides them hard as their plates are served late and panic sets in when they run out of duck. They end up having to use the remaining scraps. The judges aren’t happy at all. By the time it reaches them, it’s over 15 minutes late and stone cold. It’s also over-cooked. Gary compares it to aeroplane food. George returns the food to Sarah and gives her a pep talk/reprimand. The guests are happy with it though. Soul Patch finds the duck on the fridge but Kira’s fled to Mexico in the meantime.

Blue’s lamb is undercooked and some go out to the guests that way. But the judges get perfect dishes. They’re happy again and George calls it dish of the day so far.


Red’s dessert, deconstructed citrus cheesecake, is their best dish.

Emelia’s gel (or as George would say, “jal”) has not worked out on her dessert to her liking. The judges also hate it. But the chocolate mousse is delicious.

They raised a total of $48,350. Emelia is incredibly touched, as she has a history with Starlight Children’s Foundation, after her car accident as a child.

The winner was decided by a $20,000 donation by Bendigo Bank for a dish. Blue wins the day. They will join Tracy to win another as yet undisclosed “power”.



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