MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 35 (S06E35) – Elimination: Tikka Knock Out

Amy, Laura, Georgia and Renae step into the MasterChef kitchen for a Pressure Test set by MasterChef India host and Michelin-starred chef, Vikas Khanna.

Besties, Laura and Georgia, make a point that neither of them are going home today because it would be devastating. Well, there’s no better day to embrace The Secret, I guess.

Renae says that Indian food is her jam. Amy is also a fan of Indian, having spent some time there to find herself. The Junior MasterChefs are the ones at a disadvantage.

The dish they’re cooking is an elaborate rose tea-smoked chicken tikka masala. When Renae sees it, she’s jumping out of her skin. They only get 75 minutes to replicate the dish.



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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 34 (S06E34) – Mystery Box: Pop Quiz, Hotshot

So we have only 11 cooks remaining. The Top 10 is so close they can almost taste it; with a side of white chocolate ganache.


There’s a big challenge to kick things off with two cooks going head to head in the Mystery Box. The winner will be safe from elimination for the week and get some kind of huge advantage. The loser will go into the Pressure Test. There’s a few that put their hand up to go into the challenge so they get a food knowledge quiz to decide.

Kira and Ben, a couple of the ones that didn’t step up, throw around a favourite in the MasterChef playbook of phrases: “strategy” as their excuse. It’s up there with other cliches like, “This is me on a plate,” “game changer,” “taking it to the next level,” “biggest week ever,” “it’s a deconstructed…” Preston makes a chicken noise and wings gesture with his arms as they make their way up to the gantry. Not because they’re cowards but because he feels like Chicken Tonight.

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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 33 (S06E33) – Elimination: Risotto To The Occasion

Another elimination, another rainy Melbourne day. Emelia’s Blue team consisting of Laura, Soul Patch, Brent, Tash and Kira, will fight to stay in the competition. Laura is the only one with an Immunity Pin and there’s a big decision of whether to use it or not. The teammates and other contestants encourage her to use it and she caves in, handing over her pin.


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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 32 (S06E32) – Team Challenge: Marco’s Kitchen Rules

The hopefuls meet Marco and the judges on a typically cold and bleak Melbourne day on the banks of the Yarra. Gary cuts a line through the middle of the group to quickly designate the teams. Emelia and Renae will lead.


There’s a British theme today, cooking in Taxi Kitchen at Federation Square. The teams each need to prepare two entrees, two mains and a dessert for 60 diners each. Marco will run the pass. He rallies the troops before service and gives another epic speech.

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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 31 (S06E31) – Immunity: (Donovan) Cook Off

Laura, Ben and Tracy are in the Immunity Challenge today. They will need to complete an onion chopping challenge to decide which one will face the pro.


Marco asks them how they chop their onions and smartarse, Laura responds, “With a knife?” He proceeds to give a masterclass in knife skills, not even looking at the onion as he slices and dices it in the finest way possible.

31MC4_0They must finely dice it to Marco’s exacting standards. Tracy cuts her finger and tries desperately to keep pace. Ben speeds through his onion but it’s not fine enough. “Again!” Marco exclaims. This continues three more times. By then, it’s Laura who wins the challenge by taking her time to do it properly.

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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 30 (S06E30) – Elimination: What Sauce-ery Is This?

Tash, Amy and Byron head into the Pressure Test today and will need to recreate a Marco Pierre White dish. Byron doesn’t want to let down his idol, Marco. His idol, really? It’s the very first time we’ve heard of this. You spend a couple of minutes one-on-one in the last episode and all of a sudden he’s your idol.

Marco brings out the overly theatrical hand gestures and Yoda-like words of wisdom for a second night as he reveals the dish. It’s from his seminal and pun-tastic cookbook, White Heat – roasted pigeon with ravioli of wild mushrooms.



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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 29 (S06E29) – Mystery Box: Marco Pierre White!

There’s absolutely no mention of Sarah amongst the contestants as they arrive for the new week. They enter the MasterChef kitchen to find a sole, ominous figure; the most feared chef in the world. Amy tells Tracy, “It’s Marco Pierre White!”

He gives them a speech worthy of Braveheart, to fire them up. Our favourite chef with the menacing intensity of a Cold War Era Bond villain is here to boost ratings inspire and mentor the contestants for the entire week, incase the barrage of Channel 10 promos didn’t tell you that.


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