MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 16 (S06E16) – Immunity: Hotly Contested

The Immunity challenge tonight pits an unlikely trio to duke it out for the pin. I say unlikely because Sarah and Tash have proven themselves as contenders and belong here. Brent on the other hand has only proven himself to have a ridiculous haircut.


There are five cloches, each containing chillies that increase in heat. The hotter the chilli, the longer they have to cook. George is known for not handling chillies well, so he’s approaching the tasting with caution. Matt brings on the theatrics and reveals the world’s hottest chilli encased in a perspex box. On its little pedestal it looks like the crown jewel of chillies – the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Chilli. It’s in the box because it’s so potent that it could gas the entire room and if you touch it, your hands will be numb for two days. Of course, they can’t cook with it because it would kill George. Continue reading


MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 15 (S06E15) – Elimination: Mango Meltdown

Jamie, Sean and Steven are in tonight’s elimination. This Pressure Test has them tackling an extraordinarily hard dessert by perfectionist (they always are) pastry chef, Christy Tania. Her Mango Alfonsa has them trembling in their fully enclosed shoes. The intricate layers include choux pastry filled with mango mousse, liquid fondant, tempered white chocolate, spheres, sorbet, coconut foam and a touch of molecular gastronomy for good measure. 

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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 14 (S06E14) – From Scraps To Riches

A new week means Mystery Box day. George has again picked the ingredients for the challenge. The lids come off and they find kitchen scraps – carrot and potato peel, beef chain, stock, stalks, bruised fruit and parmesan rind. They’re usually used for the staff meal in George’s kitchens. So that’s how he keeps his overheads so low and can afford that 24-hour personal trainer.

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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 13 (S06E13) – Elimination: Fast Food

It’s elimination day. This year’s painful Australian Federal Budget must have also hit MasterChef hard. Tracy has driven one of the Jeeps to the MasterChef kitchen herself! What next, the “overseas trip” is in New Zealand and they have to swim there?


There are three rounds for the elimination. First up, they’ll get 10 ingredients and 30 minutes to cook. Four will be safe. Round 2 will see the remaining six contestants have six ingredients to work with and 20 minutes to cook. Round 3, you guessed it, will have the last three contestants have three ingredients and only 10 minutes to cook. Each contestant has dibs on whatever ingredients they want from the bench but no one else can use them and they’re out for the following rounds.
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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 12 (S06E12) – Team Challenge: Memorable Dishes

It’s pitch black on an unassuming suburban Melbourne street. Gary and George creep into the MasterChef house and rouse the contestants from their slumber with the sound of a jet plane-like blender and clattering of dishes. They’ve graciously prepared breakfast for them. The breakfast bowls are red and blue. It’s team challenge day and teams are designated by the colour of bowl the contestants receive at random.


Their task is to replicate two-hatted dishes completely from memory – no recipes, no note taking. Sarah is captaining again, this time on Blue. Tash is her vice captain. Red has Jamie and Emelia as captain and vice respectively. They get 30 minutes to prepare each of the three courses for 30 diners back at the MasterChef kitchen.

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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 11 (S06E11) – Immunity: Fruits of Labour

It’s the first Immunity Challenge of the 2014 season. Amy, Tracy and Laura step into the kitchen and see our judges plus Wizard Sleeves, Kylie Kwong.



It’s made up of a two rounds. The first round will take two of the contestants out of the running. The final round pits the remaining contestant against a guest chef.

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MasterChef Australia Recap, Season 6 Episode 10 (S06E10) – Elimination: It’s Fish. Again.

Pressure Tests are hard on everyone. Not the least, Fabulous Baker Boy, who is apparently a favourite in the house. That’s probably due to all the brownie points accrued from the heavy sugar comas he induces among the contestants. To cheer him up, the kids of the group, Laura, Georgia and Brent, make him a humongous pancake stack. Careful, Nick, all that pity eating will put that 50kg back on.

Matt’s absent so his usual task of rattling off the long list of credits of tonight’s guest chef goes to Georgie boy. It’s the oddly named Alla Wolf Tasker that has set this one up.

Looking more like my eccentric art teacher than a renowned chef, she lifts the cloche to reveal one of her signature dishes, Rivers and Lakes. It involves seafood, obviously. There’s loads of technique and pressure points, which has all the contestants petrified. Nothing more is said of it but I think they missed a prime “cry me a river” pun opportunity. Where’s Matt when you need him?


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