MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 70 Recap – Grand Finale

In the epic two and a half hour season finale, we open with a tribute to those that have fallen over the past twelve weeks. The final three, Audra, Andy and Cupcake Barbie spend the entire first ten minutes of the episode with their backstories and a montage of how far they’ve come.

A roar from the balcony filled with the eliminated contestants greet them as they step into the MasterChef kitchen for one last time.


There will be three rounds in this finale. Round 1 will have them cooking hot entrées for 35 people each. These people know their food intimately. It’s not their families again. This time they’re going feed MasterChef fans.

They will have three hours of mise en plus and thirty minutes for service. To help them plate up during service, they get to pick two eliminated contestants. Cupcake Barbie makes a couple of solid choices in Mindy and Kylie. Audra picks Amina and TK, a weak plating team, given Amina’s poor presentation skills and TK’s early exit. She’s obviously gone with her friends. Andy picks his friends as well, Ben and Beau, but he’s an excellent leader and at least they can plate, especially Beau. He says he would’ve chosen Emma but the smart player in him says she’d be an emotional mess.

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MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 69 Recap – Final Four: Signature Dishes

It’s the second last day of MasterChef 2012! It’s a bit different this year. Instead of two in the finale, there’ll be three.

The deserted house echoes with the footsteps of the top four contestants. Each of them express what winning would mean.

Today’s challenge is to cook their signature dish. To help them, they will each get the best chefs in the country, all bearing three-hats each, as their mentors. In walk Peter Doyle, Mark Best, Shannon Bennett and Jacques Ramond.

Andy gets former sparky, Mark Best. Mindy gets Jacques Ramond. Audra’s paired with Peter Doyle. Cupcake Barbie gets Shannon Bennett.

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MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 68 Recap – Final Five: High Steaks

We open with Bandy having eggs together whilst gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Gary welcomes the final five to the kitchen saying, “There’s a bit of electricity in the air.”. Bandy glance at each other, then realise he’s talking about how close the contestants are to the finish line.

Today’s challenge is a two-parter, all about beef. In Round 1, they will need to make the perfect steak sauce. They get twenty minutes.

Andy and Mindy are both making mushroom sauces. Ben’s doing a red wine & peppercorn sauce. Audra’s bucking the trend with a vinaigrette. Cupcake Barbie’s making a garlic & truffle aioli.

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MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 67 Recap – Finals Week: It’s Bennelong Day

In the house, Bandy are discussing being the last two men standing. Taco Boy says that at one point he’ll need to kick Andy’s arse. That one’s too easy, I won’t even dignify it with a homoerotic retort.

As a small reward, the final six find chef whites with their names embroided onto them. It’s the little things…

It’s a gorgeous day as our cooks arrive at the Sydney Opera House. The morning light shimmers across Sydney Harbour and casts its rays against the giant struts of the Harbour Bridge. If there ever was a programme that showcased Sydney tourism to the world, this is it, given it’s syndicated in 36 countries.

Tensions will run high tonight as the final six face off at Guillaume Brahimi’s Bennelong restaurant. It’s a French style, two-hatted restaurant, catering to extremely discerning customers.

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MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 65 – Elimination: Family Favourites

The gastronomes arrive at the MasterChef Kitchen. Cupcake Barbie tells us that it’s an elimination and one person is going home. Thanks for explaining the complex inner workings of eliminations to us.

The judges ask her if the competition has changed her. She says she’s “still just as stubborn”. That’s putting it nicely.

Preston says they’ve met some amazing, inspiring chefs on their journey. Now they want to bring in the people that’ve inspired them the most. It’s family day! Everyone’s family has come to visit and there ain’t a dry eye in the house. Preston wipes a tear from George’s eye. He claims he wasn’t crying but they did look a little watery.

Check out the placement of Cupcake Barbie’s husband’s hands. That’s what he really missed. Or perhaps that’s where his hands naturally fall because of the height difference.

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MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 64 – Team Challenge: Creme de la Careme

Team challenges always kill me to write. There’s always just so much going on that it’s hard to keep up. This episode calls on the most elaborate pastry skills of the season. I’ll try to keep up as best I can.

Kylie and Cupcake Barbie are packing their bags for this overnight challenge. Both of them have no idea what’s in store ahead. Kylie also packs a load of cookbooks. They seriously need to allow something like iPads or Kindles to hold their recipe books. It’s ridiculous how much weight they’d save.

The first challenge is to make a French-inspired dessert. The winner will skip the challenge and be safe until Finals Week. They also get to choose the teams for the team challenge.

The sixty minutes starts and the race is on. Being a dessert challenge the two Dessert Queens feel the pressure to come up with the goods.

Kylie is making a salted caramel parfait turned into a mille feuille. Gary says that her middle name should be “Salted Caramel”. True dat.

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MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 63 – Elimination: Chinese Connection

Let me preface by stating I cannot stand Kylie Kwong. I think she’s a big fake. She did a show where she explored her “roots” in China and says she’s all about embracing her Chinese heritage. The only thing is, she doesn’t appear to have made any effort to learn Chinese whatsoever. Even Kevin Rudd speaks Mandarin! It was embarrassing to watch her on that show walking through China and not even using basic Chinese phrases. I’m also not a fan of her stupid wizard sleeve jackets.

Okay, end of rant.

Today’s an all-inclusive elimination. Mindy, Kylie and Hipster all hand over their pins and sit it out. So it appears that Alice will give up the pin after all. I was beginning to think she was some type of MasterChef nun or something.

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