MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 47 Recap – Elimination: Less Is More

It’s another Elimination Day. Mindy expresses that she wouldn’t feel right using her Immunity Pin, since she was captain of a losing team, so she won’t play it today.

Today’s challenge will encompass three rounds. They get one hundred and twenty ingredients to choose from but it’s first come, first serve. No one else can use the ingredient a competitor selects and it can’t be used again in the next two rounds. They have to pick eight ingredients in the first round and have thirty minutes to cook. Top three dishes will be safe.

Round One gets underway and it’s a crazier sprint for ingredients than usual. Mindy’s doing a Thai style mussel dish. Andy’s making scallops. Amina’s cooking okra and prawns. Cupcake Barbie’s making a strawberry shortcake. Jules is making duck breast. Alice is preparing a Greek salad.Tregan’s frying some steak and tears up. She says that the ones that get too emotional are the ones that go home.

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MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 46 Recap – Team Challenge: Home Is Where The Artichoke Heart Is

There’ll be two rounds in this team challenge, all about home cooking today. The first round will see the guys head back to the MasterChef house and cook in their own little kitchen, using whatever ingredients are on hand. They’ll taste the five best looking dishes and the top two will be exempt from the team challenge. Which means there won’t be elimination for those two and they’ll go straight to the reward lunch.

They have ninety minutes to go from Pyrmont back to Darling Point and cook up the best dish they can. When they get home, there’s sixty-five minutes remaining, thanks to Sydney traffic. The fourteen cooks rush for portable gas burners and ingredients.

Audra’s making pot-sickers, akin to Japanese gyoza dumplings. It’s a family favourite and perfect for this challenge. Taco Ben’s making something different, Balinese kecap manis lamb. But balance is restored, since Mindy’s cooking Asian in the form of a type of laksa. Tregan’s attempting to cook lamb shanks in thirty-seven minutes with the pressure cooker but without enough time, she needs a Plan B. Continue reading

MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 45 Recap – Immunity: Treegs A Crowd

In this episode, Tregan fights for Immunity against Daniel Wilson of Melbourne’s Huxtable restaurant.

Before Tregan stand two large barrels. Preston hands her an axe from his American Pyscho chest of toys. Borrowing a pair of Alice’s mammoth glasses for protection, she cracks the barrel open to reveal rum. Being MasterChef, the other barrel contains, of course, raisins. “Rum & raisins!”, the girls cry out from the balcony.

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MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 44 Recap – Elimination: Hot & Broth-ered

After dismal results in the Invention Test, Sam, Andrew and Amina face the axe in the Elimination. Amina jokes that she should’ve have been able to cook decent rice for sushi yesterday, since she’s half Asian.

Arriving at the kitchen, Amina’s carrying some good luck charms, including a wooden spoon signed by her girlfriends. One friend in particular has a massive crush on resident guy-candy, Matt Preston, urging Amina to get a souvenir cravat, so she can sleep with it. But her girlfriend also thinks Margaret Fulton is hot, and she wants to sleep with a Preston cravat. The chick is nuts.

Tonight’s challenge is set by guest chef, Christine Manfield. They get two hours to re-create her smoked river trout, mussels and tumeric & lemongrass broth. It’s a simple-looking dish but has forty ingredients. Continue reading

MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 43 Recap – Mystery Box & Invention Test: Dude, Where’s My Food?

The fifteen remaining contestants enter this week with a soup Mystery Box. Hipster Alice giggles with glee. No, she hasn’t found another pair of vintage glasses she can wear on the show. She’s excited about her “Jewish Penicillin” and thinks her chicken soup for the soul is delicious and possesses mystical healing properties. If she doesn’t get top three, at least it’ll shut her up for ten minutes while she eats it. Kylie smiles and teases the boys with her ladle. No, that’s not a euphemism.

They get free reign on the pantry and have sixty minutes to serve up the best soup they can. Only the three best looking soups will be tasted. The stakes are high, the winner wins an advantage for the next round, which will set up the whole week. Continue reading

MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 41 Recap – Elimination: Piece of Cake

This episode has one of the most emotionally charged outcomes in the history of the series, so strap yourselves in and have the tissues on stand-by.

After losing for the first time this season, Blue go into Elimination today. Ben and Emma both get a recap on their backstory. It’s a not much of a surprise, since the promos already showed what’s to come.

Today, the contestants must correctly identify from a myriad of cakes. A look of dread strikes them as the never-ending procession of cakes land on the bench. There’s thirty-one of them! The only one that’s happy about the challenge is perennial fist-pumper, Wade. He tells us that he loves this challenge like a fat kid loves cake, because he literally was one.

There’ll be two rounds. Round one is name that cake. The first two to incorrectly identify the cake will go into the second round.

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MasterChef Australia, Season 4, Episode 40 Recap – Team Challenge: Monsoon Wedding

Well here we are. It’s the big 4-0. 40 episodes of MasterChef and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, tonight will be the biggest Team Challenge ever and involves catering for 450 guests at a traditional Hindu wedding.

It’s early morning. Tregan has a bad feeling about today. Amina confirms that the episodes are not shot in order by stating she thinks it’s a Team Challenge day.

They arrive at the MasterChef Kitchen where Gary and Matt await. Matt tells them that today’s Team Challenge will be about spreading joy into others’ lives. He introduces a lovely Sri Lankan couple, Ashvindi and Aranjan, who tell them tomorrow’s their wedding day. Audra reveals her inner Katherine Heigl and jumps for joy at the prospect of an “Indian wedding!”. Um, Indian wedding? Awkward…

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